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Voting FAQ »

Do I need an ID to vote on election day?
For the vast majority of voters, ID is not required to vote on election day. However, you should bring some form of identification with you as a precaution, since ID is required for voters who have not voted in a federal election recently and did not respond to a census survey.

What does it mean if I'm on the "inactive" list?
The inactive list is simply a way that cities and towns clean their voter lists of people who have moved away. You go on the inactive list when you fail to respond to the annual city or town census. Being on the inactive list has no effect on your ability to vote normally. Poll officials will ask for identification if you are on the inactive list -- but even if you don't have ID, you must be allowed to vote a regular ballot that is counted.

What if I've moved recently but didn't change my registration?
If you've moved and didn't change your registration address, you should go to the polling place where your name appears on the voter list -- your "old" polling place. You'll be able to cast a regular ballot there. If you moved to a different city or town, you may still vote in your prior polling locations for 6 months.

We still need help for our election protection program. If you are a lawyer, law student, paralegal, or have any experience with the legal system, we can use your help. To sign up for our election protection team on election day, email

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