Organizing Event Host Agreement

Read the following volunteer agreement to host an event with Warren for President, then click the check box and hit submit.

Volunteer Code of Conduct & Agreement

As an organizing event host you are a volunteer representative of Warren for President. All volunteers and all others affiliated with Elizabeth Warren for President are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner, maintaining high standards of integrity and the use of good judgment. We ask you to abide by the following guidelines. By accepting this, you certify that you have read and agree with this Code of Conduct and Volunteer Agreement.

As a volunteer organizer, you will:

Be polite & respectful even when others are not, because you are representing Warren for President to the public. Always assume good faith and be constructive with interactions with staff and volunteers. Ask questions if you need help. Flag any violent, troubling or hateful content for the Warren for President team.


I understand that as a volunteer with the Warren for President, that I must comply with all directions from administrators and staff while serving as a volunteer.

I also agree that all information provided to me as a volunteer, including, but not limited to voter contact information and organizing materials, is confidential. I agree not to access, review, disclose or use confidential information without specific authorization. I also understand that even when I am no longer a volunteer with the Warren for President, any confidential information I have learned must continue to be kept confidential.

My authorization to serve as a volunteer may be terminated at the discretion of a staff member of Warren for President at any time if it is determined to be in the best interests of Warren for President. I understand that any breach of these requirements will result in my termination as a volunteer, immediate revocation of access to volunteer platforms, and may result in legal action against me.